Friday, 13 September 2002



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Introduction of Rosa Wordpress Theme

We guarantee a close and loose feasting background that offers something else to neighborhood and outside benefactors and guarantees you appreciate a vital sustenance encounter without fail.
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For those in light of unadulterated sustenance liberality, come adjacent and satisfy your yearnings with our regularly changing universally and occasionally propelled little plates. We adore nourishment, heaps of various sustenance, much the same as you.

Rosa is a restaurant, bar and espresso roastery situated on a bustling corner site in Farringdon's Exmouth Market. With coated facade on two sides of the building, sitting above the business sector and a clamoring London crossing point.

The Rosa's restaurant and bar are situated on the ground and first floor inside the Winchester Grade VI recorded working of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors. The restaurant and bar both have their own particular passages.

On the off chance that you have inquiries or remarks, please get it together of us in whichever way is generally helpful. Ask away. There is no sensible inquiry that our group can not reply.

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